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Heat Pump Service

Providing Heat Pump Repair and Replacement Services in Allendale Since 1953

Providing Heat Pump Service in Allendale Since 1953

Are you looking for an effective and green way to heat and cool your home in Allendale? If so, a heat pump may be exactly what the HVAC contractor ordered. Quickly surging in popularity, thanks to the new compressor technology that makes them efficient in even the coldest areas, these dual-purpose systems are unmatched when it comes to carbon emissions. They’re also easy to retrofit into a home with an existing air conditioning system. If you want to learn more about how this new-age HVAC technology benefits people in the Allendale area, AHC is here to help.

Call 616.895.4949 now to request an estimate for heat pump repair or replacement. Financing is available, with approved credit!

What is a Heat Pump?

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is an HVAC system that works similarly to a refrigerator or an air conditioner. These machines extract heat from a source—such as the air outside or geothermal energy beneath the ground—before circulating it where it is needed. Because most of the heat is transferred rather than generated, these systems are able to climatize your home much more efficiently than a typical AC unit , boiler, or furnace. Known for their ability to alternate between heating and cooling, heat pumps offer two distinct modes of operation.

  • Cooling: When the weather in Allendale heats up, your heat pump works almost identically to a standard air conditioner. Using a refrigerant, it extracts the heat from inside your home. This excess warmth is then transferred to your outdoor unit for discharge.
  • Heating: When outdoor temperatures dip, the heat pump reverses its typical flow. On cold days, the outdoor unit pulls warmed air in and pulls the heat from it. This heat, through the science of refrigerant heat transfer, is then added to your system’s air stream and circulated—raising your interior temperature between 20-30 degrees.

Allendale and the surrounding areas are great spots for ducted and ductless heat pump installation. In many cases, homeowners actually find value in making the switch. These systems work efficiently even as temperatures approach freezing, though there can be issues when the thermostat dips more than 20 degrees below freezing. But as the technology continues to improve, this issue will likely fade.

Our Heat Pump Services

Our Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps may be one of the most efficient and popular types of HVAC systems, but they still break down. Their year-round use often leads to small component failures. Fortunately, if your system goes out, our heat pump repair experts are here for you. Call 616.895.4949 to schedule heat pump service in the Allendale area.

Heat Pump Installation

Are you looking to extend your home's HVAC footprint? Is there an attic or basement that struggles to reach temperature? Have your climbing energy bills been driving you crazy? Then, you might want to consider installing a heat pump in Allendale. Able to heat and cool, these systems are great add-ons for existing systems. Commercial properties often make use of them as well.

Heat Pump Conversion

If you want to convert to a heat pump, Allendale Heating Company Inc. is ready to help. We’ve been swapping out inefficient systems for heat pumps in Allendale area for years and know how to get it done right. We also provide free heat pump installation quotes to interested customers. To learn more about heat pump conversion in Allendale, reach out to us by phone or form.

Heat Pump Replacement

When it's time for a heat pump replacement, the benefits are clear: newer models are far more efficient, leading to decreased operational costs. Advances in technology now make heat pumps a formidable choice even in cooler climates, ensuring year-round comfort. To explore these innovative solutions and enjoy the cost-saving advantages, please call 616.895.4949. Whether you live in Allendale or Grand Rapids, we'll make things easy.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Taking good care of your heat pump is the best way to keep it running at its best. And doing so means scheduling regular heat pump tune-ups with our team of HVAC professionals. Not only will you be notified of any potential issues, but you’ll also end the appointment with a cleaner, more efficient HVAC system. To learn more about how heat pump maintenance in Allendale benefits you, reach out to one of our friendly customer support reps.

Why Homeowners in Allendale Should Consider Installing a Heat Pump

Why Homeowners in Allendale Should Consider Installing a Heat Pump

Now that you understand how these systems work, you might not be sure why you should install one. For those living in areas where freezing temperatures are uncommon, the benefits of swapping from central HVAC to a heat pump are numerous and include:

  • Increased Convenience: Heat pumps are simpler than AC units and require less maintenance to operate. Switching between heating and cooling modes is also as simple as hitting a switch.
  • Improved Air Quality: Because they don’t rely on combustion, heat pumps are cleaner to run and operate. They also generate less dust than standard systems.
  • Increased Efficiency: Since they use less energy, a heat pump-based HVAC system can help lower your AC and heating bills. Typical HVAC savings hover somewhere around 40 percent.

For those in regions where cold weather is a less common occurrence, the benefits of transitioning from a central HVAC system to a heat pump cannot be overstated. This change provides increased convenience, better air quality, and impressive energy savings. To get a free quote on heat pump conversion in Allendale, reach out to us at 616.895.4949.

Call Allendale Heating Company Inc. for Heat Pump Repair in Greater Allendale

Call Allendale Heating Company Inc. for Heat Pump Service in Greater Allendale

Unfortunately, HVAC equipment issues come with home ownership and become more likely as your system ages. So, it’s not really a question of if your heat pump in Allendale will need to be replaced, but when. Thankfully, as a resident of the Grand Haven area you are never more than a phone call away from AHC’s team of heat pump repair and installation experts. To schedule heat pump service in Allendale reach out to us at 616.895.4949. We’ll do everything we can to guarantee your total satisfaction.

Air-Source, Ground-Source, and Absorption Heat Pumps

As we discussed in the previous section, air-source heat pumps use a fan in an outdoor unit to bring air over refrigerant-filled coils. Two sets of these coils transfer heat indoors, where the heat is blown away from the coils by another fan and distributed through a home. Some air-source heat pump systems consist of a single "packaged" unit containing both sets of coils in one box. This box is then installed on the roof of a building with the ductwork extending through the wall. Larger systems for commercial buildings often are installed in this way. Home heat pumps are usually "split" systems with an outdoor and indoor component installed through the wall. Depending on the type of system, there may be one or more indoor components to distribute heat.

Ground-source heat pumps absorb heat from the ground or an underground body of water and transfer it indoors, or vice versa. The most common type of ground-source heat pump transfers heat directly from the ground by absorbing it through buried pipes filled with water or a refrigerant. Ground-source heat pumps that pump liquid through pipes can be either closed-loop or open-loop systems. In a closed-loop system, the same refrigerant or water circulates through the pipes repeatedly. In an open-loop system, water is pumped out of the water source, such as a well or a man-made lake, and when the heat has been extracted from the water, that water returns to the well or surface lake. More water is then pumped from the well to extract more heat.

Absorption heat pumps are air-source heat pumps that are powered by natural gas, solar power, propane, or geothermally heated water rather than by electricity. Absorption pumps can be used for large-scale applications, but are now available for large homes as well. The main difference between a standard air-source heat pump and an absorption pump is that rather than compressing a refrigerant, an absorption pump absorbs ammonia into water, and then a low-power pump pressurizes it. The heat source then boils the ammonia out of the water, and the process starts over. Manufacturers rate absorption heat pumps differently from standard heat pumps, using a measurement called a coefficient of performance (COP). Consumers should look for a COP above 1.2 for heating and above 0.7 for cooling. (We'll discuss ratings for standard heat pumps a little later.) Air-source, ground-source, and absorption heat pumps are the most common kinds of heat pumps, but they won't work in every situation. Read on to learn about special kinds of heat pumps.