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Commercial Refrigeration

Allendale Commercial Refrigeration

Helping Businesses in Allendale Keep Product Cool

Do you rely on commercial refrigeration to keep your business in Allendale running? Have you noticed your chiller or walk-in cooler isn’t keeping things cool enough? Though it might make this month’s budget look better, putting off repairs on vital equipment—like things you use to cool your inventory—can lead to huge costs down the road. Spoiled products could make someone sick or lead to a 1-star review or thousands in discarded products. Unfortunately, commercial refrigeration service is something few companies in Allendale do well. When it comes to repairing and maintaining equipment worth more than five digits, it’s important to have a local HVACR company on speed dial./p>

The heating and AC experts at Allendale Heating Company Inc. have been helping businesses in Allendale area meet their commercial refrigeration needs since we opened our doors in 1953. Our company has installed almost every kind of refrigeration equipment imaginable. Our trucks also come pre-stocked with many of the parts needed for same-day repairs. Whether you need someone to service your walk-in cooler or want to install a new deli case or wine cooler, we’re just a phone call away. Learn more about our commercial refrigeration services and how they benefit your enterprise below.

To schedule commercial refrigeration service in Allendale or Grand Haven, give 616.895.4949 a call.

Servicing All Kinds of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment in Allendale


Whether you rely on a chiller to keep your lab equipment in spec or to distribute cooled water, we can help keep it in tip-top shape. We’re familiar with the numerous uses of these specialized pieces of equipment including their medical, factory, pharmacy, and molding applications. Chiller services we provide in the greater Allendale area include:

  • Chiller Repair
  • Chiller Replacement
  • Chiller Maintenance
  • Chiller Installation

Ice Machines

A mainstay of hotels and convenience stores, ice machines take a tepid beverage and turn it into something refreshing. But sometimes ice stops flowing or strange noises coming out from under the hood. When that happens, we advise you to call one of Allendale’s commercial refrigeration experts—Allendale Heating Company Inc.. We provide numerous ice machine services including:

  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Ice Machine Replacement
  • Ice Machine Maintenance
  • Ice Machine Installation

Deli Cases

As you push past the meat section and into the dairy aisle, the deli case is sure to catch your attention. But when yours stops cooling, fixing it takes the expertise of someone versed in refrigeration. Grocery stores in Grand Haven and Allendale rely on AHC for services like:

  • Deli Case Replacement
  • Deli Case Repair
  • Deli Case Maintenance
  • Deli Case Installation

Wine Coolers

That special vintage of rosé cost you a pretty penny. But improperly storing it can lay that investment to waste. Not only can we install wine coolers in residential homes but we also know how to set up a commercial-level wine cooling system. Many sommeliers in Michigan turn to us for help with:

  • Wine Cooler Replacement
  • Wine Cooler Repair
  • Wine Cooler Maintenance
  • Wine Cooler Installation

Prep Tables

Food preparation is made a lot easier by cooled prep tables. Combining refrigeration with countertop space, these commercial kitchen must-haves serve a number of purposes. But mishandling and poor maintenance can lead the refrigerated components to stop cooling. If you notice that, or need any of the below services in Allendale, we’re the commercial refrigeration company to call.

  • Prep Table Installation
  • Prep Table Replacement
  • Prep Table Maintenance
  • Prep Table Repair

Walk-in Coolers

Imagine how hard keeping a restaurant running would be if you had to rely on a fleet of residential refrigerators. Or, worse yet, if that was what you had in the typical morgue. Walk-in coolers allow companies to drastically expand cooling space without changing the footprint of their building. Allendale Heating Company Inc.’s HVAC-R experts can be counted on to handle the following in Allendale:

  • Walk-In Cooler Repair
  • Walk-In Cooler Installation
  • Walk-In Cooler Maintenance

Industries that Rely on Us

A lot of companies in Michigan rely on chillers and walk-in coolers to stay in business. Some of them may even surprise you. Below is a short list of the industries we often help with commercial refrigeration in the Allendale area:

  • Cold storage facilities
  • Food warehousing, processing and freezing
  • Dairies
  • Ice arenas
  • Breweries
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Law Enforcement
  • Flower Shops
  • Hotels
  • Pharmaceutical operations
  • Manufacturing and plating processes
  • Petrochemical and energy industry specialty
  • Specialized refrigeration applications and cascade systems
Don't see your business type on this list? Don't worry! Our commercial HVACR experts are here and ready to serve any company in Grand Haven or Grand Rapids.

Commercial Refrigeration Brands We Service

AHC is dedicated to providing our commercial clients with the best service and products in the Allendale area. Our refrigeration experts are capable of servicing any make or model of refrigeration equipment. But we’re particularly well-acquainted with major brands like:

  • American Panel
  • Arctic Air
  • Randell
  • Traulsen
  • True Refrigerators
  • Turbo Air
  • Cold Zone
  • Continental
  • Delfield Co.
  • Everest Refrigeration
  • Norlake
  • Kelvinator
  • Victory
  • Hussman

Economical and Competitive Refrigeration Repair

While commercial refrigeration equipment is vital to your business, you don’t want to overspend when it comes time to repair it. Many of our customers praise our business for its reasonable labor costs and efficiency. Our HVACR company doesn’t hide charges in the fine print. The fees for service and equipment costs are clearly labeled on our invoice. Because we’re confident in our ability to balance cost and expertise, we invite you to compare our quotes to our competition in the Allendale. We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems in Allendale

Many of the problems we see on a daily basis are the direct result of skipping annual tune-ups or refusing to invest in preventive measures. Below is a small list of the most common issues our refrigeration technicians encounter:

  • Dirty Units: Whether it’s blood from defrosted meat or just dust, grime build-up makes your refrigeration equipment work harder to do its job. Clean up spills immediately and avoid harsh chemicals during cleaning.
  • Skipped Maintenance: In our 71 years serving the Allendale area, we’ve learned how vital regular maintenance is to keeping your refrigerated equipment in prime operating condition. Quarterly visits from a commercial refrigeration expert in the Allendale area will extend the life of your equipment and improve your bottom line. Give (616) 895-4949 a call to join our business maintenance club.
  • Damaged Fan Blades or Coils: We recommend having an HVAC-R company out four times a year to clean and grease your fans. If an issue is noticed, the defective part needs to be replaced immediately. Skipping this regular maintenance can lead to total fan failure.
  • Missing Seals and Bent Hinges: Whether it’s due to moving products or slamming doors, hinges and seals take a beating in commercial environments. Door hinges should be lubricated regularly and seals checked on a quarterly basis. To ensure the system closes, regularly clean any residues that build up. This ensures a better-contained system and limits system strain.
  • A Lack of Temperature Tracking: The thermostats on refrigerated equipment aren’t there for show. They’re meant to be regularly examined. We advise most businesses to invest in an automated tracking system to avoid issues with human error or negligence. If you notice a long-term temperature change, there may be something wrong with the unit.
  • Clogged Drains: Most refrigeration units have a drain at their base. When this becomes clogged, the floor can flood, leading to frost build up on the interior walls. This forces your condensing unit to work harder. If left unattended, this can shorten equipment life and elevate your utility bills.
Looking for a way to avoid these problems? Reach out to us at 616.895.4949 to get information on our commercial HVACR maintenance program in Allendale. Doing so will give you and your stakeholders peace of mind.

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With over 71 years of experience working with refrigerated equipment, we’ve built a reputation as Allendale’s go-to source for commercial refrigeration service. We maintain and repair all major chiller and cooler brands. Everything we provide is backed by our company’s dedication to integrity, honesty, and customer care. Much of our regular growth comes courtesy of word-of-mouth and reviews on sites like Google. We invite you to get to know us and look forward to adding you to our list of happy commercial refrigeration clients.